Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday Favorites.

I haven't posted any etsy favorites in a while and a few things have caught my attention recently. As always, click on any picture to see more.

The first seller makes beautiful crosses. This on in particular caught my eye. My grandmother and great aunt loved Turquoise and the second I saw this I though of them.

***Something extra special, this seller is having a BIG sale all day today (click on picture to learn more).***
Next, I stumbled across these and wished I were planning my wedding again. What a wonderful (earth friendly) party favor.

This last shop is super special. All of her proceeds go to a wonderful charity.

The profit from this sale goes directly to For the Silent ("a non-profit organization contending – through advocacy, prayer, and fundraising initiatives – for children silenced by sexual exploitation and trafficking.") Learn more at: http://www.forthesilent.org/

Hope you find something you love. Happy Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

I really love the birdseed heart! That's an awesome idea!