Monday, June 29, 2009

In animal news

I found this today. I'll be keeping my eye out for baby birdies. (and don't worry folks, I didn't touch the nest or even get too close to it.).

Back to my regular crafting schedule: I finished a custom order today. These will be going in a nursery with a mixture of other square frames and art above the baby's crib.

Monday's almost over :)

Etsy Treasury.

I have been trying to be around at just the right time to create a treasury for etsy. I'm hoping this baby makes it to the front page (especially because I plugged my favorite poppy art, can you find it). In the meantime click on the photo and leave a comment!
Hope everyone had a great weekend and Monday isn't hurting too much.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Another new project of mine.

I always see these cute little wooden frames at Michaels. I have used them for simple projects with Children's Church but never thought of their true potential (the frames, not the kids). I had a few laying around and I decided to play with them. Here is what I came up with.

I love that with the middle piece decorated they could really stand alone as a little piece of art OR I could choose to add a photo to display. Either way, I love them!

I also made several cards last night. Rarely do I make more than a couple in one sitting, but my creativity level has been through the roof recently. As long as I'm feeling it, I keep making stuff :)

Happy Friday Everyone.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New entries: fellow etsy features.

I want to start featuring other artists on a regular basis. I hope I can MAKE time each Thursday to show off other handywork I love.

Today's (and my first ever) feature artist is: ARTBOXDESIGNS. She showed me this beautiful piece and I instantly loved it. The colors and arrangement are just beautiful!
Take a minute out of your day to look at the other beautiful work she has to offer in her shop.

And because I had a hard time choosing who to feature today, I'm featuring two shops. Second up with some amazing digital prints: Laura Caswell Studios
Some other fun things to check out. Click on any picture for more info.
Happy Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New creation

I've been toying with ideas for a while. I wanted to get into something other than cards. To be hoenst, something I could possibly sell and make a little profit on.

The other day I was bored, had a few ugly canvas prints I had picked up at the thrift store (a couple years ago with the intention to repurpose). Something sparked and my creativity level went throught the roof. I ended up spending the entire weekend making these.

I am super excited about listing these in my etsy shop. When I step back and look at my final product I am really so happy with them.

Here's to hoping a make some sales and someone else is very happy with them :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Daily Inspiration

Even though I don't get to work on my cards everyday, I always take a few minutes and look around some of my favorite blogs for inspiration.

Here are today's finds.
and from

Monday, June 15, 2009

Blog Twin idea

I have found a new blog. Her style is SO close to mine it's scary, she even has the same blog name as me. She has some awesome ideas and as I browse through her galleries I'm realizing I've seen several of her cards in my favorite magazine "Scrapbooking Trends CARDS"

I was looking through her project gallery tonight and found these name frames. They could be great for so many things. I'm seeing them in kids room, baby rooms, on co-workers desks. It would be so fun to make a few of these.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

NCR: (Not Craft Related): Dog Rescue Transport

I have always wanted to get involved with dog rescue and one need out there is transports (getting a dog(s) from one place to another). Unfortunately I live in the panhandle of the country and there aren't many places that require transports. However, this past week we were headed up to Tennessee for vacation and it just so happened there was a need for help with a transport and about 4 hours of the trip was right on our way.

To read more about the rescuees and their stories check out their blog here: . I will share LOTS of pictures though cause we loved them so.

When we first picked them up, Molly had been away at the vet for surgery on her eye. These two were apparently very close prior to landing at the shelter and they were SO excited to see each other. We were all laughing at how happy they were.
Then they calmed down enough to pose for a good-bye picture for the shelter.When we got in the car they were goofy and couldn't seem to grasp laying down and getting comfy. (I love Molly's look)
So I decided to join them in the backseat until they got settled. However, Scout wanted to cover me in kisses so I had to hold him back.
Molly calmed down first and started to enjoy the car ride.
and finally relaxed and snuggled down next to me to rest.
Then Scout started to look sleepy so I moved back to my passenger seat position and let them have their space to relax and take a nap.

Once they woke up

We decided to stop for a potty break

And to pose for a picture of course

When we arrived in Atlanta, they were more than ready to get out of the car. So we said our good-bye (with Scout again trying to kiss me)

Finally, we handed them off to Vicki who would be driving them another 1.5 hours.