Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Decor Idea

  These trees look so cute and then I realized how easy they would be to make and I like them even more.

Next, this little wreath looks hard, but it actually seems to be pretty easy as well, just more steps to take

Onto the topiary.   I realized this is probably pretty easy, but I made ornament trees last year and there where a bit of a pain.   I LOVE the finished product, but I doubt I will make more.   I wonder if the ball will be easier than the tree though.

And again, VERY easy, but going to require ALOT of patience.    I bet a little forest of these on your dining room table would look fab!

Happy Monday!  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.


Jennifer said...

Wow... you have found some great projects!! I saw that sequined tree... I agree, LOTS of patience! :)

Anonymous said...

Ooohh....nice ideas! Thank you! I like the yarn trees at the top...I always have scraps left that I wonder what to do with! =)

jamfiescreations1 said...

Such beautiful trees, I like the
yarn trees, I just might try making some of those.