Monday, March 23, 2009

Sorry for the mini break

I hurt my wrist (doc says from too much crafting) so I had to take a break and let it heal. In the meantime I did some crazy cleaning/organizing of the craft space. Here are a couple picture of my new shelves :) Finally a place to put my stamps. Yes, there is one shelf missing. Stupid packaging was backwards so it ruined the front of the shelf, I need to go exchange it.

You may recognize most of my stamps for the Michael's $1 section. I LOVE that spot and I can't pass up $1 cute stamps.

After organizing I decided to do an easy scrapbook layout and then I needed a birthday card for a friend. FINALLY I successfully used my cricut in a design instead of cutting out more items for my scrap pile.

Now the newest problem to tackle is that all the outlets in my craft room aren't working. I had to transport my supplies to the living room and ended up working on the fireplace ledge thing that I have. I need my outlets to work!

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