Monday, September 14, 2009


You may or may not know that I LOVE bird things. Bird prints, bird sculptures, bird pictures. I have made several "bird" things in my shop. My recent favorite bird creation just sold, so I want to pay it one more tribute as it heads out of my shop to California today. I hope the new owner loves it as much as I do.

So then I went searching for some fun bird things on etsy and found these:

At sits this adorable little stuffed bird. He is SO cute.

Then over in is a itty bity baby hat has this cute journal
and has this great ipod cover (which I am very tempted to buy myself).


Anonymous said...

I love your bird box. I'm sorry you have to let it go, but I'm happy that you sold it. I'm sure you will make many more bird "things".

Anonymous said...

I love your picks! So beautiful! =)

MYSAVIOR said...

I LOVE the little bird hat. I love bird things also.


Dionne said...

Oooh yes, I love bird pics too! They are so Springy and cute.

Gallery32 said...

I too love birds! I like your bird box :)