Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A special shop feature.

Today I want to feature something a little different. These baskets made by are super cute and very unique. Even with an etsy search i wasn't able to find too many. From what I understand theses baskets take MANY hours to make and the end results is amazing. I have no idea how she does it.

This first one is very unique and super girly.

Then a pretty lavendar bowl.
Autumn Harvest Basket (see how cool the bottom looks)And the Christmas collection.

Look closely.Stop by her shop today and give her some love.


esque said...

Wow, these are so unique! Lovely!


one9designs said...

pretty baskets!

Anonymous said...

I love these baskets!

MYSAVIOR said...

The Autumn basket is my absolute favorite - gorgeous.

Uniquely Yours Crafters said...

I love these baskets! So much work must go into them. The Autumn basket is especially beautiful.

Momma Liz said...

Thank you - your comments mean so very much to me. I am touched to the point of tears.

Hampton House said...

I own one of these baskets. The crafting quality is phenominal!
It is so beautiful.